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The Madibaz Sport Events Unit was established at the beginning of 2004 as part of the then University of Port Elizabeth Sport Bureau. The Unit was formally endorsed as part of the Madibaz Sports operations towards the end of 2005, after the completion of the merger process between the former UPE, PE Technikon and Vista University’s Port Elizabeth Campus.

The establishment of this Unit was a direct result of the continuing institutional transformation and re-alignment of the tertiary education landscape that started in 2004, to ensure that programs conducted are beneficial and relevant to the needs of the immediate communities in which the institutions are operating. The staff at Madibaz Sport, have, through constant interaction with the local, regional, national and international sporting communities, continuously restructured and realigned the sport operations to enable it to provide top class services to a very diverse client base.

The main functions of the Events Office are:

  1. To coordinate the booking and use of all Madibaz Sport facilities
  2. To organize and host events on behalf of Madibaz Sport 
  3. To ensure compliance with all existing legislation governing the organizing of events
  4. To source new clients to utilize our facilities and in the process raising much needed capital to reinvest in our facilities and sport programs
  5. To expose the University and its facilities to participants and visitors
  6. To ensure that participants and visitors taking part in these events have a safe, pleasant and enjoyable experience