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Excellence Awards for Sport are annually awarded to our top achievers at a prestige function, known as the Madibaz Sport Awards.

Review Period

All nominations for Excellence Awards are for the year beginning on 1 October and ending on 30 September.


Individual Excellence Awards are made to bona fide Nelson Mandela University students who are duly registered members of Madibaz Sport Clubs and who excel in sport codes recognised by the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC).

Collective Excellence Awards are made to recognised Madibaz Sport Clubs.


Recipients are nominated for the following awards:

Individual Awards:

  • Sport Administrator of the Year
  • Student Sport Administrator of the Year
  • Sport Coach of the Year
  • Student Sport Coach of the Year
  • Sport Technical Official of the Year
  • Junior Sportswoman of the Year
  • Junior Sportsman of the Year
  • Director of Sport Award
  • Student Sport Personality of the Year
  • Sportswoman of the Year
  • Sportsman of the Year

Collective Awards:

  • Sport Team of the Year
  • Community Outreach Award
  • Most Improved Sport Club of the Year
  • Sport Club of the Year


The members of the Madibaz Sport Committee will determine the winners in each category by means of voting, if applicable. Sport Managers and Director/Deputy Directors at Sport also vote on the awards.

The winners in the categories for Sport Club of the year and Most Improved Sport Club of the year will be determined by the annual Madibaz Sport club evaluation process, whereby each sport club will have to complete a predetermined evaluation form based on their operational and administrative achievements.

The Madibaz Sport Committee and/or designated Madibaz Sport Deputy Director may call a meeting with the Sport Manager and Chairperson of any club to discuss or get further clarity regarding any nomination submitted.


The criteria for all the individual awards are based on the relevant information required by the description of the award. Information not relevant to the nominated category will be disregarded.

The collective awards are determined by a scoring system, whereby Sports Clubs are evaluated on their performances in the following key areas of sport management:

  • Performance (Local, Regional and National)
  • Administration
  • Financial Management
  • Fund Raising Initiatives
  • Student Social Sport Programmes
  • Student Outreach Events
  • Community Outreach Events
  • Coaching Support
  • Any Other Outstanding Performances


Any student/registered member who has been found guilty by the disciplinary committee of the Nelson Mandela University/or is still under investigation may not be nominated for any award.