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  • Students do not pay Membership Fees for these sport clubs 
  • PLEASE TAKE NOTE:   SOME CODE  e.g Football , Hockey  Students will pay a membership release / exit fee when requesting CLEARANCE CERTIFICATES.  R150 for non-bursary holders and R300 for (ex-) & current bursary holders. This is an administrative fee in lieu of free club subscription, free regional and / or national Registrations, Free Biokinetist Service and Access to Fitness & Aquatics Centre, Transport and general club operational cost. Exit Fees are payable at NMU Cashiers in respective Cost Centres.  Please enquire from respective codes sport managers about clearances from N M U sport clubs.
  • I indemnify the NMU against any claim against the NMU arising out of any injuries, loss or illness suffered or contracted by the applicant, myself or any third party representing myself or the applicant during the course of or arising out of his\her participation in sporting activities at the NMU irrespective of the cause of such damages, illness or loss.

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