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Merit Awards for Sport are annually awarded to top achievers at club Annual General Meetings or Prize Giving functions. These awards are in the form of official NMMU Merit Certificates.

The process of awarding merit certificates must be concluded before the annual Achievers’ Dinner

Review Period

All nominations for NMMU Merit Awards are for the year beginning on 1 September and ending on 30 August.


Merit Awards for Sport are awarded to bona fide NMMU students who meet the minimum criteria required for the awards

Students will qualify for maximum of five sport merit awards while studying at the NMMU.


NMMU Merit Awards for Sport may be awarded to the following categories of recipients:

  • Players
  • Administrators
  • Technical Officials (Referees, Judges or other relevant persons)
  • Coaches
  • Team Officials (Managers, Assistant Managers Chef de Missions or other relevant persons).


Nominations for NMMU Merit Awards for Sport must be in writing and submitted electronically according to the requested format. The nominations must also be accompanied by a copy of the minutes of the sport club meeting where the nominations were approved by the executive committee, as well as a verification letter from the provincial body confirming the national and provincial representation. All nominations must be submitted to the relevant Sport Bureau controlling officer by close of work on the first Friday of September each year. It is crucial to submit information regarding the highest achievement of the nominee, for example, South African team, South African age group team, SASSU team and/or Provincial A.


The members of the NMMU Sport Committee must approve all sport merit awards nominations received, before it is submitted to the Co-Curricular Awards Committee for final ratification.

The NMMU Sport Committee may call a meeting with the Sport Manager and Chairperson of any club to discuss or get further clarity regarding any nomination submitted.


Candidates must meet one of the following criteria to be considered for the awarding of NMMU Merit Awards for sport:

  • Players who have participated at the highest provincial level
  • Players who have obtained their national or national age-group colours (Juniors, Veterans, Masters)
  • Players who have obtained their national USSA colours
  • Individual and team players who have obtained gold, silver or bronze medals in their respective sport codes at international and national tournaments (Juniors, Open, Veteran, Masters) and SASSU National tournaments
  • Student Administrators who have rendered an exceptional service to a club committee for a minimum period of two years or acting at the highest provincial or national level
  • Student Technical Officials, Coaches and Team Officials who have achieved senior provincial colours in their sporting codes and have officiated and/or acted at national level.


Any student/registered member who has been found guilty by the disciplinary committee of the NMMU/or is still under investigation may not be nominated for any award.